Personal Best 5k Running Plan

4 Week - 5K Run Plan 
We are really excited to be able to share this 4 week run block to your fastest 5km with you!

This is a beginner to intermediate level plan leading to your best 5km ever!

These workouts include key workouts that we have tested over our combined 50 yrs experience at the top of our sport!

Each session giving you the best bang for your buck to improve your run as fast and safest way possible!

There are 3 workouts each week including specific workouts to improve your overall speed, strength and aerobic fitness!

Feel free if you are a conditioned runner to include some easier recovery runs in between these workouts!

These workouts are based on perceived effort or RPE so use that as your guide and enjoy pushing yourself and achieve you  incredible fitness in just 4 weeks!

Enjoy and get after it!

Love Bek & Siri

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US Dollar

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