Personal Best 10k Running Plan

5 Week - 10K Run Plan
We are really excited to be able to share this 5 week run block to your fastest 10km with you!

These run sessions are typical sets Bek and Siri have their athletes do during off season to keep their fitness and keep it enjoyable!

This run block is aimed for intermediate fitness levels with no issues running up to 1hr non stop!

We will give you everything you need each week from some change in pace, strength, speed and threshold work all of our TSTC KEY run workouts are included!

We have given you 4 runs a week and they can be done on any days that suit you.

We recommend doing the key run sets and not doing harder runs back to back!

Total hours of running per week range from 3hrs-3hr:45min

You can also increase your longer runs if you need to or reduce them depending on your fitness and goals!

You can download the plan, use it whenever you like and it's yours to keep forever.

Enjoy and get after it!

Love Bek & Siri

Downloadable and printable PDF

$25.00 $15.00 for current members
US Dollar

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