7 Key Indoor Trainer Sessions

Type: Triathlon

Level: Any

Length: 1 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

We use these 7 key training sessions all year long as they aim to cover all the bases: strength/ endurance/ power/speed and threshold. They are fun, yet incredibly effective!! Spice up your winter training and gain the advantage over your competitors by purchasing this plan now!!

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Sample Workouts:

Workout #1: Custom
Welcome to our Team Sirius key bike sessions!! I have written 7 key trainer workouts that we Team Sirius swear by during both the on and the off season!

Workout #2: Custom
These sets are designed to include everything you need to cover all bases.They can be done on the trainer but also on the road, to keep you at your peak fitness all year round!

Workout #3: Other
With these 7 fun trainer sessions you will never be bored!!They have a fun warm up a main set and warm down.They are very descriptive and are explained in layman’s terms to suit all fitness levels!!

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