4 Week Off Season Run Block

Author: Rebekah Keat

Type: Maintenance

Level: Intermediate

Length: 4 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

4 Week Run Block Off season. Login or Join the Team Sirius Tri club to receive a 33% discount. This run plan developed by Bek and Siri is tested and trialed with 25 years experience in Triathlon! The plan includes all the sessions needed to improve your run fitness and efficiency! Week 1 starts with 40 min of running and a weekly total of 3 hours. It then builds up to week 4 with a 1.5 hr long run and a total of 4 hours.

Suited for all levels and Olympic to 70.3 distance!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR MEMBERS: you need to be logged in to the web app not the mobile app to get the discount. You can do this here, once you login you will be redirected back to this page automatically and the discount will appear.


$25.00 $15.00 for current members
US Dollar
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