21 of the best Team Sirius Tri Club Workouts

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Triathlon training can be complicated and it's difficult to know what sort of sessions you should be doing to improve.

You might have some questions floating around in your head.

Not sure what sort of workouts you should be doing to improve as a triathlete?

Need some variety in your day to day workouts?

Don't have a coach but want some professionally designed sessions to add to your training?

Are you training a lot but not seeing consistent improvement in your performance?

Siri and I are so excited to bring you our 21 best and favourite workouts from Swim Bike and Run!

These workouts include everything you need for peak performance in all three disciplines including strength, speed, threshold and aerobic endurance!

These workouts are priced incredibly low because we want as many people as possible to be able to benefit from our experience. 

You can download them, use them whenever you like and they are yours to keep forever.

Downloadable and printable PDF

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