10 Week Intermediate-Advanced Off Season Triathlon Plan

Author: Rebekah Keat

Type: Maintenance

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Length: 10 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

Why is training in the off-season is so important?

The off-season is the key to setting yourself up for a great start of the season! The real key here and why TSTC coaching is different to most is we like to make sure you do not just focus on low aerobic slow long workouts.

At TSTC we like to add some strength and a little bit intensity, with a sprinkle of speed! This helps to NOT lose all that hard-earned fitness over race season!

Siri and I have included all the sessions you need to stay injury free and maintain fitness while gaining strength and endurance!

Don't get obsessed with missing workouts. Take time to do things you don't usually do like spending time with family and friends and don't be afraid to have 2-4 weeks completely off this is great mentally and physically!

There are two versions. One is advanced/intermediate which has up to 2x session a day and is to maintain good fitness for 70.3 or Ironman distances. The beginner is 1x session a day and based around the Olympic or up to 70.3 distances! This product is the advanced/intermediate version.

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