10 Hours a Week to Ironman

Author: Rebekah Keat

Type: Iron distance Triathlon

Level: Any

Length: 24 Weeks

Average weekly training hours -- --
Weekly Hours

If you work full time and have family commitments this is for you! 

We have given you all you need to not just finish the ironman but be competitive! 

You will find all of our key Team Sirius Tri Club workouts lead by Siri Lindley and myself Bek Keat!We have combined our 45 years experience at the top of the sport to bring you every session you need including strength, aerobic, threshold and most importantly keeping it fun! 

This is your 10 hr a week Ironman training plan! 

The plan is made up of;
16 weeks of 10 hrs or less a week
6 weeks where it hits 11-13 hrs max
2 weeks less than 8 hrs total training time

Workouts include one session per day with longer workouts on weekends up to 5 hrs on Sat and 2 -3 hrs Sundays! During the week you will be able to mange 1-1.5 hours max workout times and still get all the training you need to be 100% ready, fit, strong and Fast! 

Our plans are based on RPE (effort) or Rate of Perceived Exertion and not power numbers or paces! 

As you get fitter your HR zones change and become unreliable! You need to listen to your body and trust that on any given day as long as your effort is there and you are giving your absolute best that is all that matters!

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